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Cori Lively is a Certified Professional Midwife serving the Dallas area.

The Birth Photographer

As a midwife, I assist mothers and families in having healthy, safe and gentle births.  As a specialist in natural childbirth, I provide individualized care that honors
your choices, your needs and your desires.

I offer holistic maternity services
during the childbearing year, including
prenatal, labor, birth, postpartum and newborn care.

It is an honor and a joy to work together with birthing women and their families and to
witness the power of natural childbirth.



Everyone asks me about the birth.
"You really had a 10lb baby, at home, with nothing for pain!?" they say.
And I have to answer "Yep, that's true."
But it isn't. I had my husband's arms for comfort. My children's faces for inspiration, and their soft touches to calm me. I had a trusted guardian, who kept me safe and let me do things the way I needed to. And I had myself, my determination...
I wanted this. I dreamed of this baby for years, and this perfect birth for 9 months...

and it all came true.

Krysta C.
Kandice Ray Photography