• Prenatal care visits, including labwork.
• Nutritional counseling and education regarding pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.
• Lending library of books & videos available to clients.
• Midwifery services at your labor and birth with an additional birth assistant.
• Waterbirth, including birth tub rental.
• VBAC – Vaginal Birth after Cesarean.
• Newborn exam done at your bedside.
• Postpartum care visits and newborn care visits for 6 weeks postpartum.
• Well-woman exam with Pap screening at your final postpartum visit.
• Midwife on call available 24/7.
• Filing of the birth certificate and Social Security Number.
• Diagnostic Ultrasound referral.
• Referrals for other health care provider services, as needed.

Midwife means “with woman,” and as such, I feel that my presence is not to direct you in your care and choices, but instead to walk beside you on your journey. Whether I am checking your blood pressure, feeling the baby’s position, listening to your baby’s heartbeat, educating you on natural health, or going over optimal nutrition with you, I want you to feel free to ask questions, learn, question some more, and be in charge of your experience.

35wk_belly_wallI block a full hour for each client so you are never rushed. We address any questions or concerns, discuss choices and options for care and just spend time getting to know each other, so that I can best serve you during your labor. We will discuss what your ideal birth team looks like.  Do you want a doula, a birth photographer, your older kids and extended family for support? Or do you picture a more intimate setting of just you, your partner and your midwives? I can give you referrals to many area doulas, birth photographers, birth tub rentals, placenta encapsulation specialists and more. I will help with breastfeeding, but if you have difficulties that require a higher level of care and expertise, I have IBCLC Lactation Consultants to refer you to as well.

As your baby grows, to document these changes for you, as part of your visits, I offer to take belly progression photos for you6wk_age_blanket at each prenatal  at our rotating weeks wall and newborn pictures on our Barefoot Babies Age blanket.

The typical schedule of visits is: monthly visits until 28 weeks, every other week until 36 weeks and then weekly until baby’s birthday. When you are in labor, we communicate together to determine the best time for the midwives to come to your home.  I always bring an assistant to your birth.  You are encouraged to eat, drink and move during your labor.  After birth, we will do newborn exam bedside and help you with breastfeeding. Postpartum and newborn visits are a phone consult on your first day with your baby, a homevisit prior to 72 hours, then visits at the office at 1 week, 2 weeks and 6 weeks after birth. Of course, we can add in additional care visits as needed.

Fees for midwifery services are discussed in detail together at a free consult, so we can go the multiple package options and make a customized financial plan based on your needs, desires and budget. Most insurance companies cover my services at the out-of-network rate.  I have worked with health cost sharing programs for coverage, and also accept HSA/FSA. I also offer payment plans for self-pay clients.  In addition, Barefoot Midwifery also offers a Baby Birth Registry for our services that makes for popular gifts for baby showers and holiday gifts.


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