Referrals & Resources

One great thing about hiring a midwife who has worked in the DFW birth community for 2 decades is I have a wide variety of resources for you, based on your needs, desires, location, and budget.

Childbirth education classes:

Cherish Birth with Delilah Ray

Shelly Britain & Stacy Hutchins

Cheryl Johnson

Train for Birth with Krisha Crosley

Online Classes:

Spinning babies Daily Essentials preparation

Lactation & Breastfeeding course

YouTube to supplement your Childbirth education classes:

Childbirth education 3 class series

Stages of labor 2 video series

Pain management techniques 4 video series

Hormones of Labor


  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
  • Mama Natural’s Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth.
  • Birthing from Within
  • The Birth Partner
  • Pregnancy, Childbirth, & the newborn: the complete guide


  • Doing It At Home
  • The Birth Hour
  • Birth Story Academy
  • The VBAC Link

Favorites to Follow on Instagram:

  • SerenityLifeDoula
  • MamasteFit
  • SpinningBabies
  • BuiltToBirth


Delilah Ray

Shelly Britain & Stacy Hutchins

Courtney Butts

Cheryl Johnson