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Lucia Isabel’s Home VBAC / HBAC story

I couldn’t believe it… I can’t believe it… the joy the amazement… the happiness… the bonding… the “I did it”… “I can do anything I want”… “the power”…

I don’t know what possessed me to reach out and work through the emotions that build up when I think about this beautiful birth miracle that I, yes I, got to experience…I almost can’t believe we did it… I almost want to cry just to think that I was given this gift… Read more

Samuel Beau’s Homebirth Story

Everyone asks me about the birth.  “You really had a 10lb. baby at home, with nothing for pain!?” they say.

And I have to answer “Yep, that’s true.”

But it isn’t.  I had my husband’s arms for comfort.  My children’s faces for inspiration, and their soft touches to calm me.  I had a trusted guardian, who kept me safe and let me do things the way I needed to.  And I had myself, my determination…

I wanted this.  I dreamed of this baby for years, and this perfect birth for 9 months… and it all came true.

Wyatt Scott’s Birth Story

Our road to meeting Wyatt had been a long time coming. We had tried for years to get pregnant w/o assistance. Finally we had to have a team of doctors along with months of self injections, acupuncture, patches and pills to get pregnant and stay pregnant. I knew that after such a medical start, I was done feeling like a science experiment and wanted something beautiful and natural. The pregnancy certainly didn’t start out the pregnancy of my dreams but the baby and home birth experience certainly were. I can’t imagine doing it any other way. I always felt confident in Cori even when the confidence in myself was lacking. After he was born I felt like I had finished a marathon, climbed Mt. Everest and stopped a speeding train. I don’t think there is anything I couldn’t do now. I had a home birth, hear me roar.

Phoenix’s birth video

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