Welcome to Barefoot Midwifery!

My name is Cori Lively and I am a Certified Professional Midwife serving all of Dallas & surrounding areas. I have served DFW birthing families since 2003 & opened Barefoot Midwifery in 2006. I  specialize in homebirth services and blending the art of traditional midwifery with current research to provide safe care.  While I do maintain birth center privileges for those that desire it, my heart and soul is in homebirth.  That is my passion: serving women in their own environment, where they live and grow their families.  So I bring everything to you; all the same equipment, the same supplies as a free-standing birth center. I can even have a portable water birth tub delivered to your home if you desire.  As a midwife, I’ve had the honor of welcoming hundreds of Barefoot Babies in my years of practice.  And as a mother myself, I have chosen midwifery care for each of my own babies.

Why choose Barefoot Midwifery?

Are you looking focohen_colorr an experienced and caring midwife who will see you through your care without a rotating call schedule of multiple care providers?  Are you looking for a practice with a smaller client volume so that you have maximum time and attention with your midwife? Are you wanting a midwife who will listen to your choices and desires, and build a care plan around your individual needs? Do you want to be actively involved in your care, and be empowered to make your own informed decisions after education, research and discussion together? Do you want care that focuses on first preventing, rather than solely managing, complications? Whether you are are a first time mom or have been through childbirth before, whether you are a VBAC mom, or a mom who is simply wanting to dramatically reduce her chances of a cesarean delivery, I would love to chat and see if Barefoot Midwifery is right for you.

As a midwife, I assist mothers and families in having healthy, safe and gentle births. I attend over 99% of my client’s births and block a full hour for each client appointment.  As a specialist in natural childbirth, I provide individualized care that honors your choices, your needs and your desires from your first prenatal visit through your labor & birth, and continuing on through your first couple months of postpartum and newborn care.

It is an honor and a joy to work together with birthing women and their families and to witness the transformative power of natural childbirth.