Labor & Birth

Your birth. Your way.
Our job is to safeguard your labor & birth by allowing it to physiologically unfold as undisturbed as possible.
You choose who you want to have at your birth supporting you.
Your midwives & birth team are here to listen to you, hold space & follow your desires as to how we can best support you in labor.
We honor that labor most often works best when you listen to your body & your baby. 
We believe interventions should be used judiciously & sparingly when appropriate & only with the parents consent.

You will have two midwives at your birth. Midwife Cori & her assistant midwife are there to be quiet, watchful guardians & observe to make sure all is within normal. If you need suggestions or assistance, we are there for you. If a situation presents, where our expertise & skills are needed, we are at the ready to step in.

We bring all the same safety equipment, supplies, herbal tinctures, naturopathic remedies, tools & medications you would find in a free-standing birth center to your home for your homebirth. While it’s rare that we need to use these, as our birthing clients are screened and low-risk for home birth, it’s always readily available.

While the vast majority of clients that plan to birth at home, do birth at home, we always have backup plans in place prior to your labor in the event that you or your baby need advanced medical care at a local hospital. We discuss this in detail prenatally so you know what to expect if the need arises. And even if your birth plans change, we are there for you & your baby and continue to provide your postpartum & newborn care.

But most often, we just are honored to witness you labor as we unobtrusively monitor as you labor the way you desire.

Your birth plan is individualized to your wants, your needs, your desires, and your beliefs. We want your birth to be a memorable, safe, supported and cherished day.