Emily G

My husband and I LOVED working with Cori! She was very thoughtful and patient with me. As a first time mom, I was so thankful to work with someone so kind and knowledgeable.

Dina J

Throughout my entire pregnancy, not once did I wait to be seen for my appointment. Not once did I wait more than a few hours (usually minutes) to get a text back about non emergency questions. And during early labor we were in contact constantly. She was there so promptly and professionally for all my medical needs, ALWAYS gave me choices, and I think that speaks volumes to the type of midwife care I got from Cori.

Ashleigh F

Barefoot Midwifery (and midwife Cori Lively) was the only option for me when choosing a care provider. Cori is incredibly knowledgeable and professional, in fact throughout my time under her care, I cannot think of a single instance where she didn't have answers and flexible solutions to tend to whatever baby and I needed. Cori saw me through two very different and somewhat difficult pregnancies and deliveries and I was thankful to have her by my side. Not many people can do what she does and I truly think she was meant for this profession!

Jennifer J

I came to Cori broken from a traumatic experience with a medicated miscarriage from a pretty but very medicalized downtown Dallas birth center in the historic district. I was on the fence about home birth or birth center, but after meeting Cori, I realized birthing in my own home where I'm most comfortable and relaxed versus meeting her at a birth center made the most sense. I knew I wanted to try a water birth, and she has the best birth tub ever! That reason alone is worth considering her! We have two Barefoot Babies, and are expecting our third due soon. We had two wonderful home births using Cori as our midwife, and she was always encouraging, warm, and serene. Expecting our third, I couldn't imagine anyone else helping me bring baby into this world. Cori has an excellent reputation in the birth community because her passion for birth stems from personal experience. She wants to make sure every mom gets the safest birth of their dreams. She allows me to make the decisions based upon nonjudgmental information and guidance. Appointments typically last an hour and consist of us catching up on life in general and then on any concerns or questions I may have, and then baby checkup. Getting to know me so well personally allowed her to help me in the best way I needed it during labor. As a mother who had her babies at home, she understands all the challenges and emotions of birth, and she's there for all of them, reassuring at every turn. We delayed cord clamping, and my husband not only cut the cord, but caught the baby both times! She takes a minimal intervention approach all while making sure mom and baby are safe and healthy. She made sure all our birth wishes were honored and respected. Her calm voice and relaxed but happy persona are everything I needed during birth. Her education and knowledge gave me confidence in all our decisions as she guided us through them. I loved her assistant as well, and she usually has another midwife intern that she's mentoring. She cares deeply about this profession and the families who choose her, and it shows in every interaction from the first appointment to the postpartum baby checkups. Cori's care doesn't end the minute baby is born. She always makes sure I'm aware of PPD and postpartum issues and provides support in case I need references or resources. Her fees are likely less than what you'd pay after insurance in a hospital setting, from what I've heard from friends who had typical hospital births. Her office is easy to find and get into. Her relaxing space has beautiful photos of the babies she's delivered and feels homey and comfortable. She empowered us to have the home birth we wished, hoped, and prayed for. If you're looking for someone who truly provides individualized care and will care about you as a mom, consider using Cori with Barefoot Midwifery.

Trey T

My wife and I have 5 kids now, 4 of those have been with Cori as our midwife. Our first one was a not so good home birth so we decided to go with Cori on our second and she was just fabulous, so she was there for the rest. She is very knowledgeable and we felt very comfortable with her expertise as a midwife. My wife and I are so grateful to have had her and we know you would too.

Emily I

I had my two sons delivered by Cori, she’s a fantastic midwife! Both births were what I wanted, safe and monitored but without the constant interventions of a hospital or birth center. Being able to have a baby at home (no getting in the car!!) and crawl right in bed afterwards is priceless. Cori is easy to communicate with outside of appointments, and appointments are easily accessible and quiet due to her private office setting. Would highly recommend to anyone considering midwife care.

Domonique S

This review is well overdue. I wanna thank Cori and Becky for everything they did for our family. Cori delivered my first and only child who is now 2 years old. In being a physician I know how uncomfortable it can be to give birth in a hospital room which is why I chose to have a home birth. It’s a personal choice and it was the best decision I could’ve made. I was 38 years old when I delivered my daughter and even though I was considered to be advanced maternal age I never once had to visit a doctors office except to have my first sonogram. All my care was done in Cori’s office. This made the experience feel more personal and private and was very convenient. Cori and Becky were patient, super knowledgeable, had great bedside manner and was available for any questions we had throughout my pregnancy. I delivered without any complications in the comfort of my home. From day one I knew I was in good hands. Thank you for all that you do. I’m sorry it took me so long to do this review. You both are the best and highly recommended!

Chelsy W

Cori and her staff are amazing! She helped my dream birth plan become a reality! She is very calm, knowledgeable and personable. I never felt rushed under her care and she was very respectful of each appointment, meaning I never had to wait to see her in her office. She helped me deliver my baby at 37 weeks (full term) in the comfort of my home. I'm not planning on having any more children but if it were to happen, I would choose Cori again!

Andréa V

Cori is part of our family! She is amazing! This is our first baby and she walked my husband and I through everything. She is so resourceful and always does what suits you and is best for mom and baby. I had an amazing birthing experience all thanks to her. Even after baby girl was born she was so caring and helpful and nursed us back to healthy mom and baby. Due to her care and guidance baby and I healed quickly, we are very healthy, and went into motherhood with all doubts shaken off! Definitely having her deliver our next baby.

Christy M

What can I say about Cori? She is an amazing midwife. She listens and gives GREAT advise.  She is so caring and you can tell that she LOVES her job. Every time she would catch the baby's heartbeat she would say with so much love "there you are baby!"
If you are looking for a midwife - look no further. You will love Cori!!

Danielle K

If there's anyone you can trust with the care of your little one and yourself during one of the most beautiful processes you can experience on earth, it's Cori Lively. I can't say enough about her! I knew that she would make the right decisions at the right times for us and she did. She caught my 10lb baby girl in a birth pool in our 3rd floor apt dining rm. She and Kim Retherford made that night more beautiful and peaceful than had they not been a part.

Jennifer J

Cori is so passionate, it comes through in every appointment, conversation, and smile.  She helped us have the birth of our dreams at home in the water.  She is warm and compassionate, while being direct and competent. She took the time to make sure our questions were answered, and we always felt comfortable. How many times did she tell me, "that is totally normal"?  She honored all of our wishes during labor and birth, and she was so encouraging.  I know we could not have had our dream birth without her.  She was committed to our desires and didn't let us forget in those hard moments.  I chose having a home birth over a birth center, and I am so grateful for that blessing and the blessing of having Cori there alongside us in the most important moment of our lives.

Julia M

Cori is amazing! Capable, down to earth, and relaxed. She cared not just about me and the new baby but about the rest of the family as well -- truly rounded care (physical, mental, emotional). I delivered two babies with Cori, and I found her confident ease helped keep me anxiety-free during the pregnancies and set the emotional tone for smooth deliveries. I am so happy I was able to have Cori as my midwife!

Jessica B

I only have wonderful things to say about Cori!  She is an amazing midwife with lots of experience and great advice.  She is so kind and was an integral part in the success of my homebirth after cesarean.  Thank you Cori for everything you did throughout my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum!

Samantha J

Cori delivered two of my daughters. Her personality appeals to all types of women from first time moms just looking into homebirths to the 5th time mom. There was never a question she couldn't answer with her wide range of knowledge. Since moving away from Dallas I have had 3 additional children and have yet to find a health care provider as good as Cori!

Bree K

Cori is INCREDIBLE. She is personable, patient, and has a fantastic bedside manner. She is incredibly smart and knows her stuff. I have had several patients work with her and just have raving reviews. I have personally experienced her bedside manner and personality and feel extremely lucky to work with her. If you are considering a home birth, check her out. You won’t be disappointed.

Robert D

Cori And Becky  are wonderful Midwifes. They knowledgeable, sweet and personable.  They are  very patient and understanding and explains very well to the spouses what is going on.
They will keep you reassured when you think the worst. Even when you think you can't take it anymore and is not afraid of letting the baby go a few days to 13 late lol.  I will tell you the best part when that time came, i knew who was gonna be at the birth. There was no on call doctor or random nurse invading our privacy. We knew it would be Cori and Becky.
Would recommend to anyone looking for a midwife and we will go back to Cori if we decide to have another.

Alejandra A

It just doesn't get any better than Cori and Becky!  They know babies and pregancy like nobody's business and they are kind, personable and know just what to say in every stage of your pregnancy and post partum.  They make you feel comfortable and you will not regret your home birth experience with them!

Kelli M

Amazing care and connection

Karina H

So thankful for Cori and Becky. Because of their care i was able to get the Vbac I knew my body was made to do. They were both very sweet and encouraging and answered any questions or concerns we had. All the doubts or fears that my previous provider tried to scare us with about a Vbac were completely replaced with confidence and evidence based care by cori and becky. I will forever be grateful to them! Im sad i wont be seeing them every month now but know that if we are blessed with another baby, it will be a barefoot one for sure!

Courtney B

My experience with Cori was and is exactly what I wanted. The great thing about midwives is that you can interview them before you move forward.
After meeting with Cori and doing a little research I knew she would be great. I didn’t realize how great she actually was until the birth came. Cori really has exceptional training and goes above and beyond to make the birth everything you want it to be and as safe as possible. She juggles a busy life but you would not know it until you really got to know her.
Cori truly loves what she does. She always makes herself available and communicates well.
I would highly recommend Cori and her staff. The care and time you get far outweighs the cost of her services.

Tatiana H

I was so incredibly fortunate to have been blessed with the most amazing midwife for the birth of my son nearly 13 years ago! Cori is everything one could ever hope to have in a midwife. She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and professional. On top of that you get to experience the love and care that she has for her clients. She truly gives 100% of herself, dedicating her time fully to each woman that she sees.
After leaving Texas and moving overseas, I had three other home births. And each time I found out I was expecting I longed to have  the chance to be under Cori's care again. I have never met another midwife that was as competent, loving and patient as she!

Sarah J

Incredibly grateful to have had Cori by my side for the birth of our son! I don’t intend to have more children at this point, but I know who my midwife will be if I change my mind! I would highly recommend working with Cori if you want someone that truly trusts in the process of birth and also will take the time to educate you on the evidence when  you have questions. She did extra labs for me when I had concerns about some weird pregnancy symptoms. We went 42 weeks with this baby and Cori patiently sat with me in those last few weeks and encouraged me to trust that my baby just had his own journey to take, all while carefully monitoring both me and our baby. She even came to the appointment with the maternal fetal specialist consult to check on everything and support us as we approached the 42 week mark. I had a lot of family support during my birth and Cori let me do my thing while checking in every once in a while to monitor things. And then really shined when it was time to catch our baby! She was stuffed in a tiny bathroom with me catching a 8.5lb slippery baby in the dark with 2 nuchal cords and a body cord! Her hands were like lightening untangling him. And she was cool as a cucumber clearing his airways and getting him breathing on his own! She was amazing. I felt safe and supported completely throughout my pregnancy, during our birth and postpartum. Can’t say enough good things about our experience. Thank you Cori!

Hope S

I will be forever grateful to have had Cori Lively as my midwife. My prenatal care exceeded my expectations. With every visit she set aside an hour with me in her comfortable office setting. If she ever ran late for any reason she would text me to give advanced notice so that I never had to wait.  She made me feel safe, cared for and at ease. Cori addressed every question or concern I had based on years of experience and evidence based research. She responded promptly to every text or phone call and never made me feel that I was a bother or that my concerns were invalid. She facilitated all lab work and prenatal testing and contacted me personally with my results. As a first time mom myself, Cori made sure I was fully prepared to give birth. My delivery day was like a dream. It was everything I wanted it to be — in the comfort and safety of home, surrounded by my closest loved ones. Cori was there when I needed her and my family members reported how impressed they were with Cori’s extremely calm and collected demeanor when I was in the throes of labor. She and her assistant took such incredible care of my newborn baby and I. Cori spent time with my family and I on postpartum teaching and made sure every question was answered. She made sure I knew that she was there for me any time, day or night. I was just as grateful for her post partum care as I was for the prenatal and labor and delivery. I cried the day we went for our last visit because Cori now has such a place in my heart. She gave me the greatest gift—a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery for myself and my precious baby. It was truly a dream come true having her as a midwife. I will definitely be calling Barefoot Midwifery for any future babies.

Ashlea S

Cori has been my midwife for 4 homebirths. Her knowledge, skill and competency are beyond compare. Her calm and soft nature instills great confidence in a birthing mother. Cori believes in birth and a woman’s ability to birth her baby at home and does everything she can to help you achieve the birth you are desiring. I would never consider birthing without her as my midwife.

Alexcya G

Cori’s care is exceptional. It feels personal, never rushed, and always consistent. Giving birth during the pandemic could have been stressful, everything was unpredictable. Fortunately, using Barefoot Midwifery, we didn’t experience much of that. We had the option of coming into the office, where Cori practiced extreme caution, or FaceTime visits, which were not only safe, but convenient.
I’ve always dreamed of a home birth, now I’m certain we made the right choice. With Cori’s extensive experience and knowledge, everything I’d dreamed of, plus much more became possible. I can’t wait to work with her in the future!

Yolitzma V

I wish there were enough words to say how gracious and talented Cori is and how amazing it was to have her as my midwife. I meet Cori while having my 4th baby. I had one previous hospital birth and two previous home births with two different midwifes that didn’t quite listen to me and help with the birth plan I wanted. I was giving up hope on my dream birth but when I meet Cori it felt different, she instantly knew what I really wanted and listened. She is by far the most experienced midwife I’ve ever meet and let me just say I’ve interviewed a lot! There is no other person I would ever want again to be my caregiver then Cori. I highly recommend her, midwifery is definitely her divine calling and she does it with love, compassion and grace.

Justine H

We have been absolutely happy with Cori’s expertise and care! Originally we planned to have a hospital birth, but after learning more about the Bradley natural childbirth method, we decided to do a home birth instead. A friend helped us find Cori and she quickly accepted our transfer even though I was in third trimester. Unlike being rushed at the hospital, each appointment with Cori was 1 hour long so that we, as first time parents, have ample time to learn more about labor besides doing routine checkups. Both me and my husband were able to be present, which was not allowed in the hospital due to COVID. I always loved going to Cori’s appointments as she is friendly, professional and reassuring, and my husband really likes her passion about her profession. When contractions started late at night, Cori walked me through things I should do on the phone. During the labor, she and her assistant were calm, positive, and encouraging. I had a great delivery experience and I really loved it that our baby girl was born in our quiet and comfortable home.  One other favorite thing of mine is that during postpartum checkups, Cori was always calming and comforting our baby as she examined her, and as a result our baby never cried during these exams. We are thankful for Cori and would definitely like to choose her as our midwife again when we have our second baby.

Mary K

Beyond grateful for Cori. I made the decision around 12 weeks to switch to midwifery care and sat down with Cori. She addressed all my questions around home birth and the care she provides through pregnancy. My husband and son were able to come to prenatal appointments which was great considering most traditional settings are still not allowing this due to covid. Cori was always readily available via text or phone throughout my pregnancy to ease any concerns. The hour long prenatal appointments made everything so personal and such a memorable part of my pregnancy. Our home birth was everything we dreamed of and having Cori take us through the steps afterbirth was stress free. I encourage you to conduct your own interview and you will see exactly why I entrusted her with my pregnancy and birth of our new baby.