Midwifery Services

I believe that my presence is not to direct you in your care and choices, but instead to walk beside you on your journey. 

I block a full hour for each client so you are never rushed. We address any questions or concerns, discuss choices and options for care and just spend time getting to know each other, so that I can best serve you during your labor. We will discuss what your ideal birth team looks like.  Do you want a doula, a birth photographer, your older kids and extended family for support? Or do you picture a more intimate setting of just you, your partner and your midwives? I can give you referrals to many area doulas, birth photographers, birth tub rentals, placenta encapsulation specialists and more. I will help with breastfeeding, but if you have difficulties that require a higher level of care and expertise, I have IBCLC Lactation Consultants to refer you to as well.