Birth Stories

Lucia Isabel's VBAC Birth Story

I couldn’t believe it… I can’t believe it… the joy the amazement… the happiness… the bonding… the “I did it”… “I can do anything I want”… “the power”…

I don’t know what possessed me to reach out and work through the emotions that build up when I think about this beautiful birth miracle that I, yes I, got to experience…I almost can’t believe we did it… I almost want to cry just to think that I was given this gift…

To my midwives….I have fond memories and am grateful for your patience, encouragement, and ultimately your belief in me...

Callan’s Birth Story
by mom Sarah

Some of you may know that I am a big proponent of the midwifery model of care for pregnancy and birth and feel compelled to shed some light on it since it’s not the typical choice and many women just simply aren’t exposed to it. I’ve had several friends ask me about our home birth experience, and I believe in normalizing birth so I decided to share Callan’s birth story here with you along with some photos that my sister snapped while sharing this experience with us. Please know I believe birth to be a very sacred choice and am so grateful to have access to many different options. There are many women even here in our country who either can’t afford these options or live in areas without access to different options and that’s something that needs to change. So, it is with much gratitude and privilege that I share my story with you and pray that more women have an opportunity to birth in a safe and supported way that accommodates them and their babies during such a vulnerable time. Here’s our story!

Adelaide’s Birth Story

I gotta share a bit about my midwife, y’all. When we moved from Tarrant county to Collin county and were planning a home birth, we were less than excited by the idea of having to choose a new midwife. Cheryl West Gaspard helped make Evie’s birth one of the most, if not THE most, incredible experiences of my life. But because of where we both live and the amount of traffic between our houses at any given time of day, we both knew it would be necessary for us to choose someone closer. I sent Cheryl a list of a few local midwives I had narrowed down and her response was “Cori Lively, hands down.” Best advice ever.