Prenatal Services

Education, Informed consent, shared decision making, and preventative care are the hallmarks of my practice. 

Whether I am checking your blood pressure, feeling the baby’s position, listening to your baby’s heartbeat, educating you on natural health, or going over optimal nutrition with you, I want you to feel free to ask questions, learn, question some more, and be in charge of your experience.
I block a full hour for each client so you are never rushed. We address any questions or concerns, discuss choices and options for care and just spend time getting to know each other, so that I can best serve you during your labor. We will discuss what your ideal birth looks like and we will discuss plans for handling any complications. We go over nutritional counseling, exercise & movement for a healthy & comfortable pregnancy & to prepare for labor & birth.

The typical schedule of visits is: monthly visits until 28 weeks, every other week until 36 weeks and then weekly until baby’s birthday.
I draw labwork at our office, including standard maternity labs, a variety of options for gestational diabetes screening, optional NIPT genetic testing and SneakPeek Clinical DNA testing if you’d like to find out if you are having a boy or girl.
I will order any diagnostic sonograms for you, including dating sonogram if desired, and your anatomy scan around 20 weeks.
I also have a mobile ultrasound machine at our office for limited ultrasound, if needed to confirm baby’s position, early heartbeat checks or just to take a peek at your baby, if that’s something you desire. These can, of course, be declined if you don’t want any unnecessary ultrasounds.

As your baby grows, to document these changes for you, as part of your visits, I offer to take belly progression photos for you at each prenatal at our rotating weeks wall.